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Athos Collura


Athos Collura, painter and scenographer, in 1961, after concluding his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Palermo, moves to Milano where he now works and resides. 


Collura is presently one of the artistic consultants for the Società Umanitaria di Milano. In the 1960’s, he is one of the few artists to join the international psychedelic movement; a very intense period during which he creates environmental installations. 


In the 1970’s, he exhibits regularly at the Galleria dei Lanzi in Milan. This gallery then becomes Il Fante di Spade. Artists such as Ferroni, Guerreschi and, Vespignani are also in this group with Collura. With the return of the figurative vogue, he continues his work by revisiting the Deco period with a cycle of paintings called Controliberty. 


Since the 1980’s his work is strongly inspired by metaphysics and surrealism and has nothing to do with any artistic current. He makes his own path. From 1980 through 1998 he paints a cycle entitled Confini (Borders). The issue is the figure, together with oniric symbolism and visual metaphors, with references of a classical nature. His dream-like atmosphere and his time travel from the early 20th century through pop art have brought him to the use of the bar code as an icon of our consumer society: it is an act of provocation that puts into question not only the system of art, but also his preceding cycles. 


From 2000 on, his work is characterized by the nullification of the sign or the figure, defining the cycle Visual Codex as a silent protest to the commercialization of a work of art, now transformed into a mere product.


In 2007, the cycle Visual Codex is presented for the first time in Monte Carlo.

Artwork presented:

'Deserte Costellazioni'

Athos Collura - Deserte... costellazioni - Colori acrilici su tela - cm120x80 - 2008.JPG
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